Ferrobull - Manufacturer of lead-free bullets


Company history

In the early/mid-1990s, the previous owners experimented with lead-free bullets for sport shooting.
Brass and copper bullets were produced and tested.

It wasn't long before the first requests for hunting bullets came in at the end of the 1990s.

Kjell Jensman and his business partner founded the company Ferrobull AB in Sweden in 2001. This also gave rise to the Entox and Triple Expand brands.

Entox was developed for sport shooting and Triple Expand for hunting.

It started with hunting bullets in 6.5 mm caliber.
After years of development, the desired success came in the mid-2000s.

"The material and design ensure that the bullet retains its radial size during acceleration in the barrel."

This was followed by the 7 mm, 8 mm and 9.3 mm calibers.

Mr. Jensman has been the sole owner of the company since 2008.

He managed the company and developed, produced and marketed lead-free premium bullets for discerning hunters.

From 2015, Ferrobull AB also produced lead-free hunting ammunition in .308 W, 30-06 and 9.3 x 62 calibers.

Mr. Jensman managed the company until 2022.

In January 2023, we took over the company with all rights.
We will continue to run the company and want to expand it.

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