Bullets for hunting

Triple Expand

The new generation of high-performance hunting bullets.
Why is it advisable to use a premium hunting bullet?

Hunting bullets from Ferrobull
  • High precision
  • Flat trajectory
  • High ballistic coefficient
  • High residual weight up to 99
  • Minimal destruction of game
  • No fragments of the bullet in the target
  • Environmentally friendly alternative
  • Radial constant in the barrel
  • Easy running
Hunting bullets from Ferrobull

Triple Expand fulfills all these requirements as it is lead-free and represents an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional jacketed lead bullets.

The tip of our bullet is fitted with three sharp copper blades. The structure of the copper blades effectively cuts into the animal's body and causes massive bleeding. The bullet retains up to 99% of its original weight when it penetrates the animal. Conventional jacketed bullets usually lose 40-50% of their bullet weight.

Triple Expand has greater stability than jacketed bullets.
The guide bands on our bullets prevent unnecessary stress on the barrel.
Our Triple Expand bullet does not deform as much as a normal jacketed bullet.

Another advantage over other solid bullets is that there is no increased barrel wear.

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